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GOK-blog maart 2012 #1 - "Haitink brings truth and sincerity to every musical intention"

Het Groot Omroepkoor werkt mee aan twee uitvoeringen van de Negende van Beethoven met het Chamber Orchestra of Europe o.l.v. Bernard Haitink op 28 februari 2012 in Amsterdam en 5 maart in Parijs. Tenor Eyjólfur Eyjólfsson ('most people call me Eyvi') houdt een fotoblog bij, in het Engels...

My name is Eyjólfur Eyjólfsson, most people call me Eyvi, and I've been singing with the Groot Omroepkoor since February 2010. I've been asked to contribute to the choir's blog and since my talent for taking photos is bigger than my writing skills, especially when it comes to writing in Dutch, I would like to share with you photos with short descriptions from our production of Beethoven's 9th Symphony at Amsterdam Concertgebouw and Salle Pleyel in Paris.

I. The day is grey and dim but I'm full of excitement. First rehearsal at Concertgebouw for Beethoven's Symphony no. 9 and my first time singing under the baton of Maestro Bernard Haitink. I feel it is a very special project for all of us in the choir and luckily tomorrow's performance will be repeated in Paris next Tuesday with the same wonderful orchestra; The Chamber Orchestra of Europe.

II. One of our English tenors, Alan Belk, waiting for the warm up rehearsal in the Solistenfoyer before we join the orchestra in the Grote Zaal.

III. French baritone, Ludovic Provost, observing few of the building's impressive statues.

IV. The arrival of Maestro Haitink and our Choir Master Edward Caswell to our warm up rehearsal in the solistenfoyer.

V. After the rehearsal in the Grote Zaal I felt as if I had experienced a connection to something so deep and special. Haitink brings truth and sincerity to every musical intention, regardless how soft or intense.
He continued working with the orchestra once we had left and as I peeped through the tiny window of the stage door I started looking forward to joining this special music making again the day after.

VI. Before going home tenor Boguslaw Fiksinski from Poland enjoys a little lunch while he gazes at the masters of the past.

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