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GOK-blog maart 2012 #2 - "Maestro Haitink seemed quite pleased"

Het Groot Omroepkoor werkt mee aan twee uitvoeringen van de Negende van Beethoven met het Chamber Orchestra of Europe o.l.v. Bernard Haitink op 28 februari 2012 in Amsterdam en 5 maart in Parijs. Tenor Eyjólfur Eyjólfsson ('most people call me Eyvi') houdt een fotoblog bij, in het Engels...

I. During our last concert our Turkish tenor Deniz Yilmaz, conquered the Concertgebouw stage when he sang the demanding solo in Diepenbrock's Missa in Die Festo with Sigvards Klava. I had just stepped out of Tram 5 when I saw Deniz approaching the building with a take away coffee in his hand.

II. Maestro Haitink at work during the general rehearsal for the evening concert.

III. Maestro Haitink at work during the general rehearsal for the evening concert.

IV. Gentlemen of the chorus using every spare minute to study their scores.

V. Soprano Dorien Verheijden looking forward to the evening concert.

VI. During a long break between the general rehearsal and the concert I decided to use the time to make my first visit to the Rijksmuseum.
Most of the museum is closed down for renovation but around fourteen halls are open to the public displaying some of the finest examples the Dutch Golden Age paintings.
One of the halls is dedicated to Delft china and this beautiful and unusual violin caught my attention. I wonder what Beethoven's 9th Symphony would sound like with instruments made of china.

VII. On my way back to Concertgebouw after a wonderful visit to the Rijksmuseum I noticed how the evening mist added a special layer to this atmospheric evening.

VIII. The concert was a great success, the audience loved it and Maestro Haitink seemed quite pleased.
There was a little post-performance reception in the artist's cantine and soprano Loes Groot Antink was on very good form.

IX. The Norwegian bass Lars Terray also enjoyed the lovely reception.

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